Feb 07

Can You Cure Essential Tremor

Essential tremors are a movement disorder that causes trembling hands as well as head movement, and difficulty speaking too. The condition affects people when they are trying to use their hands – rather than when their hands are at rest, as you would see in conditions like Parkinson’s disease.

Mild cases of essential tremor can often be ignored, as people can learn to work around them, but for more severe cases treatment is needed.

Drugs such as Inderal and InnoPran can help to reduce the symptoms, as can the anti-seizure medication primidone. These drugs work on different systems, and this means that there are two potential avenues for managing the symptoms. This is important because each of these medications can have serious side effects – between 30 and 50 percent of patients either fail to respond to one of the medications, or suffer from side effects so serious that they need to stop taking them.

There are some other drugs – including anti-seizure drugs, blood pressure medications and anti-anxiety drugs which can be helpful for people who are suffering from Essential Tremors, but these are not usually the first choice.

Another option is surgical therapy. Deep brain stimulation with an electrical implant can help to reduce the symptoms of tremors, and can be a long-term cure. Another option, called unilateral thalamotomy, can help to reduce tremors as well, and again this is a long-term solution.

Doctors are reluctant to offer this surgery unless someone has shown that they are not able to tolerate drug based treatments, because of the risk of the surgery and the recovery time – but it is possible to use surgery to cure the tremors.

In some cases, people get surprisingly good responses from these, and that means they get the ‘cure’ without the expense of drugs or the risk of infection and complications associated with surgery.

Severe tremors can be incredibly debilitating, but if you work with a good doctor you can get control of your muscles again, and get something like a normal life back. Don’t give up hope just because the first or second prescription medication that you are giving fails to offer the kind of lasting results that you were hoping for from it.

Feb 01

Get Started As An At Home Cake Maker And Become A True Master

If you’ve watched shows like Cake Boss or any of the buzz, then you know about the dream I’m eluding to here. It’s the one where you’re making cakes in your own shop. Customers are lining up at the doors. Your website is raking in a long list of people who are eager to try your cakes for weddings and all sorts of events. And after some time, you look just like Buddy from Carlo’s Bakery of Cake Boss, a hit show on cable TV for years.

What if you’re just getting started?

Well, then this is for you because I’m going to explain how to do just that. Many people are in love with the idea of starting their own cake making business, but many fail to ever get started. Let me tell you what! Getting started is then the hardest part. Not running the business, not finding customers, not acquiring awesome decorating skills like making custom chocolate cake toppers. No, the hardest part is just getting started. And I’m sure every cake maker will agree.

So how just do you get started in this business?

First, take stock of what you know and what you have at your disposal. Don’t know anything about making cakes? You can load up your mind with all sorts of training from real experts with a simple search online. It used to be that you’d have to attend a university or go to special culinary schools to get this training. However, much of this is available online now and you can acquire the same skillset with pre-recorded videos from instructors.

Second, where are you going to begin? Do you have room in your own home? You’ll need some form of cold storage so make sure you have that squared away. Do you have room in your kitchen? Most people do.

Third of all and last point, make a few demo cakes for friends and family at no cost or at the cost of the ingredients. This will help you see if you even like baking and making cakes for other people. Some people find out that they like making cakes, but not for other people. This happens when you realize that you’re making a cake that they want. Although you can add your own style to the cake, at the end of the day, it’s what they want.